Power BI Dashboard-like Reports

If you’re using Power BI on-premises you may have noticed already that there’s no possibility to pin report parts to a dashboard because dashboards are not supported. Dashboards are only available in the Power BI Service.

To get around this limitation I often create dashboard-like reports like this one:


Even though Power BI Desktop supports „snap to gridline“ this feature isn’t flexible enough as it doesn’t allow you to modify the grid size. You may like to vote here for an improvement.

My workaround is a tiny Excel-workbook that calculates the necessary tile widths, heights and coordinaates based on the number of vertical and horizontal tiles and spaces I like to have.

Setup tab:


Resut tab:


Once all my tiles are in the report I perform steps as follows

  1. mark all tiles and apply width and height
  2. mark row by row to set Y coordinate
  3. mark column by column to set X coordinate

Still a lot overhead but much easier than tweaking around manually.

The worksheet is available here.




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